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 Habituation - 2022/2023

Process of Habituate / Formation of an Habitat

The project consists of a series of diptychs of landscape photography and botanical illustrations of wild plants and their urban habitat. I am interested in those plants that have become habituated to urban spaces, so they appear on any corner or on any street, and nobody takes care of them, basically because they are dull plants, without substantial beauty and lacking interest.

How many times have we walked past a plant and not noticed it? How many plants can we recognize (other than houseplants and garden plants)? I think not too many. There are studies that show that plants are often "overlooked and neglected". This is what James H. Wandersee and Elisabeth E. Schussler describe as "plant blindness"*, a concept that summarizes the inability of humans to see, notice or focus attention on plants in everyday life. The authors state that we have become desensitized to the aesthetic qualities of plants and their structures.

My final series is intended to give attention to that plants, and invite the public to look closely and appreciate the rich botanical environment, which can sometimes go unnoticed and taken for granted.

*James H. Wandersee and Elizabeth E. Schussler, “Preventing Plant Blindness,” The American Biology Teacher 61, No. 2 (1999).

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